Results were obtained with the following parameters from ns-3 mmwave:

  • Bandwidth: ~400 MHz
  • TX Power: 20 dBm (indoors), 30 dBm (outdoors)
  • RX Noise Figure: 9 dB
  • Antennas:
    • Omni-directional antenna elements
    • TX: 8×8 phased antenna array
    • RX: 4×4 phased antenna array
  • Beamforming: optimal analog beamforming based on SVD narrowband channel matrix decomposition
  • Nodes with no rays shown are interferers. Channel quality deteriorates when the RX passes close-by
  • Application: full buffer UDP transmission (~630 Mbps supported with these settings)

In the following videos it is shown

  • On the left-hand side, CAD environment and channel are shown. In black is shown the direct (LoS) ray, in red the first-order reflections, in green the second-order reflections
  • On the right-hand side
    • Average throughput at the PDCP sub-layer, over 100 ms disjoint windows
    • Average delay at the PDCP sub-layer, over 100 ms disjoint windows
    • Instantaneous SINR


Parking Lot – Outdoors
L-Room – Indoors