Public Safety Communication (PSC) scenario

Public safety communication (PSC) services need reliable, low-latency and fast communications. The design of future PSC networks will have to account for a number of different requirements. For example, public safety communications will support diverse communication modes (aerial, unmanned, vehicular, peer-to-peer), and ad hoc or mesh structures. Moreover, they need to be resilient against fast channel dynamics.

For this reason, PSC is one of the key potential uses cases for 5G. In particular, the millimeter wave bands and other frequencies above 6 GHz are particularly interesting. The spectrum in this band is largely untapped, thus mmWaves would enable orders of magnitude greater data rates and reduced latency. For example, PSC networks in the mmWave bands could support high-definition video, virtual reality and other broadband data transmission to first responders. High-speed connectivity can also be provided to surveillance drones or emergency vehicles. However, researchers need to address a number of challenges before the future PSC networks can adopt the mmWave technology.

The University of Padova, NYU Wireless, and the Austin Fire Department will develop a research platform for mmWave PSC. This platform will help understand which are the main limitations of mmWaves in a PSC scenario. Moreover, it will foster the development of new solutions that will make it possible to provide to first responders fast, reliable and low latency communications on mmWave. You can read more in this paper, the NIST website and FierceWireless.


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